PITMASTER LT’s Bar-B-Que Sauces were perfected by their creator (“LT”) over the course of his decades in Memphis and Kansas City as a BBQ restaurant pitmaster. Made of select, all-natural ingredients that perfectly blend to render a distinctly Kansas City-style BBQ sauce, the Classic and the Spicy sauces complement the taste of any baked, grilled or smoked meat and gives baked beans a smoky BBQ flavor of their own.

PITMASTER LT’s Bar-B-Que Rubs are made of select, premium ingredients that perfectly blend to satisfy the most discriminating palates. These dry rubs greatly enhance the flavor of baked, grilled and smoked meats. Before cooking in dry heat, prepare burgers, steaks, beef brisket, beef ribs and lamb with the Beef & Lamb rub, and prepare chicken, turkey and pork (ribs, chops, shoulder, etc.) with the Pork & Poultry rub.

"The #1 Kansas City BBQ Sauce"


PACIFIC ISLAND Soy Sauce is an American soy sauce and marinade representing generations of tradition of the Teodoro Cruz family. It is created in the Midwest from the secret, centuries old recipe of the Cruz family from the U.S. territory island of Guam – making it the first and best soy sauce concoction ever produced in the U.S.

PACIFIC ISLAND uses a unique blend of fruits & vegetables, found in Guam. It contains a hint of lemon and all-natural spices, from the Cruz family secret recipe, that make it mix perfectly with every dish … without the salty taste that accompanies even supposedly "lite" varieties of foreign soy sauces. It is the non-GMO, gluten free, LOWEST SODIUM soy sauce that's so sassy and delectable you can drink it straight from the bottle!

"The Original American Soy Sauce" 

Maker of Premium Quality Sauces & Seasonings